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Marketing strategy driven business & web innovation

How does innovation contribute to the success of a business / website?

What is the scope / role / benefit of INNOVATION in boosting your business and achieving greater results?

Is it worth investing in upgrading and redesigning your website and web communications?

Like all good concepts that become a little too popular (and snowballing into a fad with a body of jargon and celebrity practitioners!), sometimes the core ideas and benefits of innovation (at a very practical / pragmatic level) get overlooked - making it harder to appreciate and focus on key concepts.

In the end, innovation driven business and marketing strategies must lead to meaningful results. Whether you are applying these concepts to a large company or a small business / SMB firm, it is vital to rely on a straight-forward approach that makes sense to all participants and stakeholders.

The three-part slide below outlines some of these key ideas.

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Art of Innovation Logo  Business and website innovation in simple practical terms

Art of Innovation Icon  Find Smart, Creative, Unique Ways to:

  • Serve your target audience that satisfies, delights, inspires your customers
  • Improve your company's image - Brand Awareness and Brand Perception.
  • Increase customers, users, business opportunities, sales, revenues, market share
  • Reduce your costs, wasted efforts, risks & vulnerabilities - for profitability & sustained growth
  • Stay ahead of your competition & survive tough times
  • Shape & present your business, offerings, and communications to achieve the above!



Art of Innovation Icon  Driven by a solid understanding and analysis of:

  • Your target customers & end-users - their needs and opportunities to serve them
  • Trends (business, technology, social) and other environmental factors
  • Your strengths & weaknesses compared to your competitors
  • Your business vision, goals, targets, and key metrics
  • Strategy - markets, segments, differentiation, positioning



Art of Innovation Icon  Enabled by a solid arsenal of:

  • List of improvement opportunities & plans (big and small)
  • Well defined & clearly articulated Value Proposition (CVP)
    that your customers and users find convincing and appealing
    (driving them to action.)
  • Compelling Key Messages about your business and offerings that power your Web + Online communications / promotions.
  • Ongoing review of your strategy, offerings, communications.


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Art-of-Innovation Consulting Services - a solid combination of experience - from the Business Analysis & Marketing Planning side as well as the Web Design & Communications area. Helping clients with insightful analysis & planning for their business & product innovation, as well as their marketing communications and website redesign efforts.

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