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Main Driver for Business Innovation & Web Design

Effective, Results-Oriented Business & Website Innovation - How are they related?

A lot of businesses embark on a site redesign project viewing it primarily as a visual sprucing up effort - a cosmetic makeover. Is that a good investment of time, effort, money? Does that yield a good ROI (Return on Investment) for your business?

These are key questions to consider - and they highlight why it is beneficial to look deeper at the business goals & marketing realities / competitive environment. Such a review / analysis helps to identify high-level, high-priority issues and improvement opportunities -- which then lead to enhanced products & services, web content, and online functionality -- all of which feed into a much improved "web design"

Web content, of course, includes text as well as illustrative graphics & video that clarify key concepts and fleshes out your key messages. Combined with visual design / online presentation elements, they convey your core messages and positioning about your brand and products. Effective web content helps communicate and connect with your target audience. As with your products and business model, the primary driver for effectiveness and success is an unrelenting focus on the evolving needs & priorities of your target market. These broader, high-level questions and the chosen directions are encapsulated in a wining marketing strategy for your business.


Art of Innovation Logo  Common Factors / Key Drivers of Business and Website Innovation

Business and Website Innovation focuses on Common Goals / Audience




  Your WEBSITE is the face of your BUSINESS / Organization.

    ► Both are focused on serving the NEEDS of various Stakeholder / Audience groups.

    ► The Goals / Audience / Structure / Design / Appeal are therefore inherently related.

    ► Great website & business innovations start from a clear analysis / understanding of those needs and the chosen marketing strategy.



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Art-of-Innovation Consulting Services - a solid combination of experience - from the Business Analysis & Marketing Planning side as well as the Web Design & Communications area. Helping clients with insightful analysis & planning for their business & product innovation, as well as their marketing communications and website redesign efforts.

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